Domestic Transport


Our Domestic Transport covers a vast range from sales, shows, events, pleasure trips, emergency veterinary transports and much more. We cater for all types of events regardless of distance. Our immaculate, state of the art fleet with compulsory ambient lighting, high resolution CCTV monitoring and temperature controls as standard, is available to cater for single, group or shared loads.

We pioneered ‘Box Vision’ which allows customers to stay connected with their horse throughout the transport from their own phone, tablet or PC. We carry out regular checks and reports also during every transport.

Our experienced and Dept. of Agriculture certified drivers and handlers are on hand to help out at events and our service is regularly described as friendly, helpful and efficient.

We offer highly competitive rates and convenient affordable payment plans to suit your budget. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Travel Tips

Whilst here at KHT we are always available to take you where you want to go we realise that sometimes you will decide to D.I.Y and we want to help you ensure that you and your horse get to your destination safely and comfortably so we have compiled a short list of tips to get you there.

  1. Check your trailer lights, brakes, floor and doors….if you are hiring from us we will have done this for you, naturally.
  2. Check your tyre pressure and don’t forget your spare!
  3. Make sure you have a jack for your trailer.
  4. Have a good supply of hay, clean water and a first aid kit. If you are travelling long haul consider adding flavour to your horses water in advance so you know they won’t turn their nose up at strange smelling and tasting water away from home.
  5. Have some shavings or straw for soakage for the trailer floor if travelling long distances so your horse doesn’t have to cross their legs for hours.
  6. Have your travel boots, rugs, tail bandages, baling twine, head collars and ropes ready from the night before….bring spares whenever possible.
  7. Have your horses feed prepared and any supplements packed.
  8. Ensure you have experienced help and somewhere safe to load and unload.
  9. Have your vet and farriers number in your phone and if possible a contact for both where you are going.
  10. Have your phone charged and bring a charger or power bank.
  11. Stop regularly to check your horse.
  12. If you are planning to stop overnight make sure you have your horses stabling pre booked and find out what will be available when you get there.
  13. Have a safe comfortable journey….and have fun!!